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About Us

We envision a world where no-one ever has to face the perils of a debt trap.

Credit is available everywhere now. BNPL has converted us into a society that is dangerously close to an economic downfall. Did you know that the late fees and the abominably high-interest rates that one has to pay when someone misses a repayment date are the biggest sources of profit for BNPL and other credit providers? 

Near half of the people who have used BNPL have missed at least one instalment.

Sparkaufen was born with a dream, a dream to build a debt-free world. Millions of us plan at least a few weeks before purchase but until now 'saving up' for the purchase has never had an incentive. Sparkaufen partners with brands who care about you, care about and your financial health. Brands reward you when you save up for purchases from them.


 Sparkaufen is a Fintech startup based out of Berlin, Germany started in 2022. 

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