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Most modern payment method to improve sales of European e-commerce stores.

Made for Entrepreneurs, Founders and Growth Marketers who want to convert more website visitors into active buyers and generate 30% more sales!

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Saving coins

60% of Europeans plan and save up for purchases, and you have no idea who they are

Don't miss out on targeting them

Image by Andre Taissin

Sparkaufen is a digital piggy bank that you can offer them.

SNBL is a perfect price discrimination strategy for Retailers

Between those who can pay upfront for immediate purchase

Vs those who must save and defer their purchase

SNBL allows retailers to target these 60% European savers with discounts

(Vs no discounts for those who can pay upfront)

Therefore, Retailers can lock in those who cannot pay upfront

(Vs having abandoned carts)

So, Retailers capture more Consumer Surplus

Hence, our partners get 30% more sales.

Our team will reach out soon!


Increase sales by 30%.

Increase abandoned cart recovery by 40%.

Increase repeat orders.

Integrating Sparkaufen is near instant.

Reach out and we will build a piggy bank suited for your business needs!

Our team will reach out soon!

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