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Good things happen to those who wait.

E-money wallet account

We have the regulatory license to open an e-money account in your name. It is safer than your bank account as no one can move or reinvest your money.

Brand-specific savings plans

You can open as many savings plans as you like. Just plan ahead for the purchase by selecting from our list of merchants. 

Virtual Prepaid master card

When you reach your savings goals, a virtual prepaid master card is automatically generated for you. You can use the card to make the purchase from the brand's online store. Please note that the card will only work on the brand you saved up for.

How Sparkaufen works?

Select the brand you wanna purchase from. 

Sign up and provide the information required by the EU banking regulations. 

We create an e-money wallet for you. Your money is safer than a bank account as no-one can use/ reinvest except you. 

You can make multiple savings plans linked to your wallet.

Add money to your wallet.

Currently, we support bank transfers. 

Your savings instalments will be automatically deducted from your wallet. 

We top up your savings plan with rewards in each instalments.

When you reach your savings goal, use your prepaid MasterCard which contains your savings and the cash rewards you received.

When you purchase from the brand website online, don't forget to any other other discounts codes you have.

You should know!

Cancel anytime and get 100% refund

Your money is safe in an ECB regulated bank

The rewards you earn are unbelievable :)

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